What should you go for? Mirrorless vs DSLR
There used to be times when you only had to learn how the camera operates, but with growing technology cameras are evolving every day. Not only we have a variety of choices but the chaos as well. This is even legitimate while one has to pay a fortune for a camera but to choose a good little lensy friend which might stay for long everywhere you visit.

Meanwhile, the biggest question arises MIRRORLESS VS DSLR? Which one to buy, and hence the curiosity arises what’s the difference among both the categories.

Let’s understand what is a DSLR and a mirrorless camera.


Digital Single Lens Reflex or in short DSLR uses a technique that has been used through the initial stage of photography. There is a lens attached through which the light travels onto the sensor. There is a small mirror in front of the sensor which enables us to see the image being formed through a viewfinder. There is a small prism located in front of the viewfinder or eyepiece so that the reflected image is nice and sharp. DSLR has a viewfinder that is fixed and the changes which we make through the settings are not shown in it. Instead to understand the changes being made in the level of exposure or ISO we have to switch to the live mode of DSLR camera. Though not yet outdated a DSLR camera is a powerful device ready to capture sharp and refined images. Moreover, there is are options to more than hundreds of lenses for one single camera i.e. if you have a Sony DSLR camera you will have an option to buy lenses with different aperture and focal length which enables dynamic image quality. 
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As the name suggests there is an absence of lens in its physical structure which makes it mirrorless. And why are they named Mirrorless ? and why not DSLR are named Mirrored because DSLR came first and who knew there would be something like this would pop up in the future. let’s understand the in-depth of Mirrorless. Like DSLR has a mechanical system of viewfinder Mirrorless has an optical one which has not In between reflectors and the image is formed directly through the light entering the lens. Mirrorless cameras and DSLR have one thing in come the physical features except, DSLR camera are fat and bulky compared to Mirrorless. Mirrorless camera comes along with an electronic viewfinder which enables the user to see the fine detailing being made in the exposure and ISO that is a great advantage. though if you are thinking to buy a camera you need to know for what purpose you are going to buy your camera. 
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SHUTTER SPEED – Shutter speed has a lot to do when it comes to sports or automobile photography, and if you are someone related to this section of photography then you should buy a MIRRORLESS Camera. Compared to DSLR camera Mirrorless has a lot faster Shutter speed. And in sports photography, moments are crucial even one microsecond detailing might end you up in a perfect picture. A DSLR camera is usually slower in terms of shutter speed and if you are fine with that 7 frames per second shot which is fast as well then you could consider buying a DSLR saving a few bucks.
AUTOFOCUS –  You might want to be a wildlife photographer and want a camera that should full fill your needs. Mirrorless camera will provide you with the perfect solution, whereas DSLR have fewer focus points and Mirrorless have a whole screen laided with autofocus points. If autofocus is a factor in your photography then definitely DSLR camera shouldn’t be your cup of tea.
VIDEO –If video is your main focus say you might be a Vlogger or a Youtuber then the features you might get in a Mirrorless camera should be your first choice. The ability to shoot in 4k and excellent face detection in Mirrorless cameras might drive you towards them, making DSLR camera a weak preference.


BATTERY –If you travel a lot and need a camera for that purpose only then a DSLR might be perfect for you. DSLR viewfinder saves a lot of battery as its sensors open only while we click an image. In Mirrorless the things are different, Mirrorless cameras have a permanent open exposure to the sensor which drains a lot of battery and gives less output. If your main aim is to shoot for a longer duration after charging your camera then Mirrorless might not be perfect for you.
SIZE – If the weight and size of the camera is something that might get you bothered then Mirrorless might be a perfect choice. DSLR cameras are usually bulky and the lenses you will be needing will instantly increase a lot of weight in your bag pack. If you want a small and handy camera then you must go for a Mirrorless and not DSLR 
DYNAMIC RANGE – What is the dynamic range? The power to change the way your picture look and flexibility is the Dynamic range of any camera. People usually think Mirrorless are modern gadgets and hence might allow more flexibility in terms of picture quality, but the truth is just the opposite. DSLR cameras have a wide range of lenses from wide to ultrawide and fisheye. These lenses provide incredible picture quality. If this factor does hinder you then obviously DSLR will be still the best choice for you.

The camera Industries are growing every day and new arrivals of gadgets happen every two months. The downside is people rush towards these gadgets thinking they might be the best without enhancing with what they actually have. Upgrade only when the gadget in your hands has become unworthy of delivering the quality that you desire. Even a camera will still give competition to Mirrorless cameras that cost a fortune. Learn the skills and then upgrade and if it’s the first time of you buying a camera then why not go with the latest one. Investing in the latest one will help as this latest might become old in a year or so and you don’t want to have a retro device.

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