How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram has now been one of the top players in the name of social media. with every now and then Instagram has been laying off new features, but the truth is that Instagram is a social media platform that has been introducing its new algorithms after every few months and so has been done in 2020. It is the most difficult algorithm to crack and many influencers and businesses have been striving to come over the top but failed. 

What should you do now? 

With every problem comes a solution. there are a few new strategies that have been proven to increase your Instagram reach as well as engagement which has been drowning in the last few days. There are different strategies for a different approach and you’ll have to understand what is that you need, do you need only Engagement and reach ? or is it your business that you want to increase your sales in? because unless you know what you want to achieve there are going to problems.

A pro tip: – Never ever use third-party apps in frustration and greed of followers . not only it will shadowban your account but even the scope of organic growth might end in the future.

Here is what you need to do – 

Be Active

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Understanding what social media is about will clear most of your problems at once. every social media platform wants that their users may be active and use their services. Here comes the first solution to your problem. Use Instagram in a way that you might consider you a creator, as well as the audience, failing in doing so, might drop your engagements and reach potentially. Comment on pictures of people of your niche, try interacting, and in return, they might do the same. This is the first thing you should keep in mind while trying to have organic growth.

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If you want your Instagram account to reach more people then this might be the key. Let’s understand how this works – Instagram algorithm focuses on creators and make these creator increase their engagement and followers only when they are recognized as creators. How do you think Instagram does that? The only way is consistency, the more consistent you are Instagram’s Algorithm is going to recognize you and make your content reach a bigger audience and give you organic likes as well as followers on your Instagram account. Check your insights and there you will know the time your users are the most active. You will find various websites telling you to post at 1 pm -2 am and so on but this is the most stupid thing people do. Every account has its different timing as the audience differs from every creator. 
First, understand what time is your audience the most active and the only way to do that is to experiment by uploading at different times for the initial days. You will notice different reach in your insights in your posts. There you can understand the best time for you to post.
Never be Bot

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Most people in the hunt for followers try to follow for following back. This is one of the most reasons why people lack in organic growth. Don’t let the Instagram Algorithm consider you as a bot. People start following a ton of followers at a single time and they start getting follow back too but to the fact, those real people you just followed, will act as inactive audiences who will never interact with your content. Instead of increasing followers, you are ending yourself up in Shadowbanning your account as Instagram restricts the reach of such accounts considering them as automatic robots trying to gain followers, just as what third party apps do often.
There are several followers you can follow in a day which is only about 10-15 and if you bulk follow people consider your account dead.
The hashtag strategy

People these days are all into picky hashtags and use irrelevant once too. There has always been a way to use them. Start understanding what your post is about and then use relevant hashtags only. 
for example, if you uploaded a picture of a bird then the relevant hashtags will be
#birds #birdsofinstagram #photography #wildlife #animals #feathers and so on
remember never use #follow #like such type of hashtag it will not only make your post look creepy but unworthy too. Use only about 10-15 hashtags and not full 30 as it will only make your post look spammy and in the long run you don’t want your account to be shadowbanned.
Use Instagrams features

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There are loads of features that Instagram pours out on its app every two months and obviously, they want users to interact and use these features so they can monitor the new features. Try using them once or twice every week or two, doing this will remove your account not only from the bot category instead you’ll reach more views on such stories. The reason is Instagram promotes content that has its new features. The more you use Instagram the more you will get back from it. 
Pro tip – If you travel or have pictures from different locations that you are about to post, never forget geotagging. Not only it will increase your engagement you might end up coming first on a location tag and get discovered.
Don’t comment or dm spams
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Instagrams latest updates have started to monitor the user’s activity. That means you should not send the same DMS to tons of people nor comment the same words such as “hey great post check my profile out” this will only end you up being spammed. Most people do this mistake to increase likes but end up losing their reach and engagement by being shadowbanned.
Some people even tag irrelevant people, stop doing that as it also falls in the category of spamming instead tag only one or two accounts who have any relation to your post.
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This method won’t ever go out of fashion but when done the right way. understand what your niche is and look for people of the same. Try to contact them personally through DMS and ask for the promotion. Look for people with the medium audience and high engagement as they are the ones with the open heart. while they give you shoutout help them out too. But remember not to send too many DMS as you know the Instagram algorithm now of shadowbanning.
Content is the King 

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is the real king of any social media or growth. Focus more upon your content and let the quality increase by time. Instagram as well as your audience will cheer you up if your posts keep getting better with time. and remember not to just post anything just for the sake of being consistent, pour out the best content you have and let Instagram know that you are going to increase your quality with time. Be patient and you’ll grow your Instagram followers and engagement rate gradually.
Still have any questions? feel free to ask in the comments. 

Keep growing.

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