Many photographers start their photography career as a hobby and later find out that this was what they wanted. Who wouldn’t love to get professional and earn through the skill they have. Starting your photography business can be tough at the start but give you smooth results with a little patience and determination.
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There are tons of things you’ll need to do before becoming a professional photographer. Yes, that’s right but hey everything is tough and has competition but only those win who will be consistent.

There are few things that you need to know and then you can even start a photography business with no experience.

Starting a photography business checklist- 

Layout your plans 

1- You need to have some plans that others might not. Yes, that’s brainstorming but you’ll have to come with a creative idea that’ll make you stand out from others.
You’ll find every other photographer starting there business but with no plans, they don’t last long.

Plan your things out write the motive the categories you will be working with. Are you willing to do maternal photography or candid based only? Will you do fashion portraits or marriage sessions. There will be many factors that might be bothering you at this time but asking your team and yourself might help.


2- After deciding the structure you might be implementing. Come up with portfolios that might be handy at the time of the presentation. Start gathering images that you might need to show your customers and impress them. Get your friends to help and whether it be portraits or events get everything done professionally. You might have to do some free work just to get your portfolio to build. Choose your relatives and family events where you could show your skills just for documentation. Keep a professional outlook and create a splendid looking portfolio that should crave the customers to choose you over others.

3-Do you have the required gadgets?

Know the equipment you have and what you might need if possible in the initial stage you can get them on rent. Equipment is one key factor in photography. You can’t expect weddings to be captured on a DSLR camera until you have one mirrorless camera which would provide great details as required. Many of the photographers end up on this face, thinking no equipment no money, and no work. But if you want to earn millions you gotta invest some pounds too. If you are out of budget get equipment from friends or in rent. But get your equipment bundle ready for all time, as you might be getting some contract anywhere soon.

4- Set your prices

Yes, you need to be very clever in this one. If you go too cheap your customers might think of you as unprofessional. You go too high they might think of you as too professional and out of budget. Pick a customer-friendly price of your services that will give you more opportunities in the future too. Choose which category has what dost in equipment and in terms of work accordingly set your prices. While telling your prices do tell of your premium services too like you might get a wall photo portrait or an album printed. This will help you get some extra money at the end of the day. And as time passes by and you keep growing to Increase your prices a bit.

5- Get a team

You will be needing a few people with you while doing your events. It’s nothing of a one-man army.
If you have friends related to your niche you can get them together and pay them too. But if you don’t have people to help get some guys with basic skills and teach them the things you know and will be required. You can get tons of People on Instagram these days with great skills just for a hobby. And who won’t want to earn money in their field of interest? Treat them well and be friendly as photography isn’t about being bossy it’s all the fun things you could do.

6- Be social

Every business person needs to be social or else there is no business. Reach your customers out make a way of approaching them. Talk to them tell about your perfections in a jolly way ask what do they need in their work. Meet them a day before the event gets their ideas and plans. All these things will make you a perfect candidate to get a deal the next time there friends and family need a photographer.

7- Advertise

No business can flourish without advertisement. And investing in an advertisement is an investment in your business’s growth. Start social media campaigns. Make a professional logo that people might remember for a long time. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram would be extremely helpful. You should advertise on Google as well as selecting your region. Especially during an on the season while there are marriages and events all around invest and promote yourself during that time. Always remember you have your competitors so better build a plan and then advertise as every business wants to curb the other for profit.

8- Build a website 

Building a website is extremely shows that you are a professional in your field. Get your portfolio on the web so that you might get recognized globally. Build it professionally and with high-quality images to show your customers.

9- Reinvestment

Every business needs reinvestment to grow. Growth is the key to business and learns to earn and save as well. Invest in gadgets and types of equipment to increase your quality as well. That will be the key to your success. This is the thing that most of the photographers lack.

10- Patience

Never expect to start a business and earning the next day. That’s just a dream which won’t help you in the long run. Learn to be patient it might take a month or two to get your first event but after that, the journey will be easy. Keep building connections with your customers so that they may recommend you to others. Stay positive as good things come to those who wait.

Still, left with some queries? feel free to ask in the comment section.

If you want to be a photographer we have the perfect amount of knowledge for you to be a pro. Camera reviews to Instagram SEO we have it all here.
Many people in India are turning out to be solo trippers and why not it’s so much fun! Travelling can be so much fun and especially when you are all up to yourself. Just a bag pack and a few essential things you need and you are ready to fly or walk or run anywhere. I recently came up with a list of places I would love to go for solo trips. Though it might take me years to cover them all but hey its okay whos in a rush? However, this list might help you plan out your best destination for solo trips and plan well in advance. 

1- Ladakh

Get To Know Ladakh | Get The Right Permits For Ladakh For A Hassle ...
Do you love snow, lakes, bikes, and stargazing? Then this is your perfect spot to run away to. There are various things you can do in Ladakh from road trips to trekking everything is just so cool in Ladakh. Bonus if you are a photographer, yes I know most of you might be as a solo trip enthusiast. Then just grab your tripods and camera out to get some mesmerizing shots of stars and their star trails. Milky way galaxy is crystal clear and your pictures will surely rock your social media up. From monasteries and inner peace, Ladakh is the top place for a solo trip in India.

2- Gangtok 

Free stock photo of GANGTOK
Want to go somewhere that won’t turn you bankrupt? Then Gangtok is the place for you to go. This city has so much to give to you more memory of a lifetime. From beautiful panoramic views to natural beauty, this city lays the best of the best for a solo traveler. You can experience sky diving, trekking, and various other adventures at a single place. Great view of Himalayas make this place more special, that’s obvious that you will be able to experience the most serene solo trip in Gangtok. You’ll find monasteries to rest and moreover this place is cheap and won’t be hefty for you. 

3- Varkala

Varkala cliff to be nation's first geopark - The Hindu
Varkala is a sort of small brother of Goa but calmer and with fewer people. That’s what solo trips are about to find your true self! Varkala has a beautiful sight of the Arabian sea this place will make you found the inner peace you were searching for. You can have sunbath watch the sea roam around the city, visit temples. Everything is so calm and at peace, many solo travelers reach this place especially from September to December. Which is the blooming months for Varkala? A must place to go for a solo trip.

4- Udaipur

Udaipur yes the place is known best for its lake is a place where I would love to go back again. I remember the serene beauty of the city where there were mountains of every side and a small city situated between them. Who would understand that it’s in Rajasthan and the beauty this city has is speechless? If you are searching to go to a place quite and beautiful this is a must place to go. If you don’t you won’t enjoy solo tripping. Its quite cheap and even if you spend more every penny counts here. I would strongly recommend this place for a solo trip.

5- Rishikesh

Rishikesh Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
 The only place where there are adventure and peace. The best place to meditate as well as an adrenaline rush. This was the best go-to place during the time Beatles the band visited Rishikesh and after than it has always been evergreen. If you want river rafting, bungee jumping, and all these adventurous events to be a part of your solo trip then you should jump off the cliffs in Rishikesh. The city is cheap and best is you can even find a few places which are free to stay. Some ashrams will let you stay on any donations you want to give. So what else can be the best thing for a solo trip? If you are planning to go to a place after Corona goes away you should go Rishikesh once in your life.

6- Twang Monastery 

8 Places to Visit in Tawang-Off Beat Destinations in India | WanderOn
If you want to rediscover your self this is the place you might have been searching for a solo trip. Twang Monastery is the largest Monastery in India where people always have a craze to go. People around the globe travel to the twang monastery for rediscovering their inner-self. This place is surrounded by mountains covered in snow a cold place where solidarity is the only thing one can see. A solo trip is somewhat a synonym to this place. Twang monastery is a highly recommended place to travel.

7 – Khajuraho 

know about this temple of Madhya Pradesh
Are you a history lover? Khajuraho is full of mummies, just jocking. Khajuraho is actually a place which was built by our forefathers and the amazing fact is that Khajuraho will astonish you with its sculptures. A world heritage site is obviously a place to go. The place is cheap and if you love photography evening and early mornings at Khajuraho might be the time for you. Solo trips are all about exploration and this place is something that will interest you for a long while. Try grasping about the history of this place and you’ll be amazed.

8- Allepey

8 Days Ayurveda De-Stress & Detox Program in Alleppey, Kerala
Talking about traveling and forgetting South India? Allepey is a quiet place where tons of honeymoon couples go. No, I’m not getting confused here but It is a go-to place for solo trippers too. You might fell in love with yourself at this place. The backwaters, the food the people might be of great interest. If taking a boat to stay it might be a little heavy for your pocket but finding a cheap hotel isn’t difficult. Allepey is a great place to visit for a solo trip.
What were the places you were thinking off to go on a solo trip ? do comment and tell your traveling plans and who knows we might team up!
If you want to be a photographer we have the perfect amount of knowledge for you to be a pro. Camera reviews to Instagram SEO we have it all here.
How to get Photography Internship in India
Yes, you heard it right there are Photography Internships available in India. Most of the time people don’t get the right information at the right time and these changes go away unnoticing. A few of the times we are even not prepared and confident about applying to one. There are a few tips that you must keep in mind before applying anywhere. Let’s discuss the main requirements, which everyone should be prepared so that they may land on the right spot.


Usually, people start applying for internships and end up being rejected just because there was someone better than them. I know that sounds disturbing that why someone is being compared that too during an Internship. But the truth is this only usually people want a refined candidate for their internships as they want him/her to assist them. Assisting them means they need a good candidate and whomsoever they find the best would get selected eventually, thus build yourself a good portfolio before applying to internships in India. Prepare an online book or a high-quality pdf in which you have all your best photos along with captioning them perfectly.


Making an online blog represents professionalism, it’s not that you have to buy a domain. Instead, use bloggers to make a free blog and start uploading posts on them just for a portfolio to present . an online blog represents professionalism. Attach your blog in mails and send them to the desired person.


India is a place where wedding photography is blooming recently. Reach out your near photography outlets who have a brand name, not just anyone. Learn from their ways how they use lighting and all other different aspects. Never feel ashamed in such activities as Internships doe not only means getting a certificate, it means learning things which you might get a chance next door.




Make a list of all the photography magazines from all around the Internet. Likewise, add the names of national geographic and all other travel channels where you know professionals work 

Search the internet with all the names you have in your list and look for their E-MAIL and contact information as these Organizations never publicly come out with a banner of a photography internship. Mail your portfolio and request them about any available internships in photography.


Instagram is not just a platform to upload your pictures instead there are tons of photographers out there who are already working professionally. Send them your portfolio and tell them you want to ASSIST them, yes you heard that right use the term ASSIST only no internship is to be said in the text. As they are photographers and not any organizations. Send as many messages you can to different professionals, this might increase your chances of getting a reply, and even if they disagree you might build a good relationship with them.
Here are a few links that might help you to get in touch with someone who might get you a photography internship.

List of wedding photographers

You can find the rest the same way making a list and researching through their websites. 

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If you want to be a photographer we have the perfect amount of knowledge for you to be a pro. Camera reviews to Instagram SEO we have it all here.
Best colleges for photography in India
Searching for institutes that will teach you photography courses? 

Well, you are at the right spot. Usually, after class 12th, there are many aspirants looking away to follow their passion likewise there are tons of colleges that will provide you with photography and filmmaking courses in India. But there are a few factors which you might keep in mind beforehand .
let’s not waste time and look directly into the various courses and colleges which offer photography in their curriculum 

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and fine arts university, Hyderabad
JNU student accused of beating guard। लॉकडाउन ...
founded in 1972 Jawaharlal Nehru University is one of the most reputed art colleges in the world. there are various photography courses which they offer and the fees is quite affordable too. jawhal Nehru university has about four-campus in Kakinada, Anantapur,kukatpally, and Hyderabad.
the courses offered are 
1-BFA Photography(graduation)
2-MFA Photography (post-graduation)

The college placements are well enough to get you placed in the media field directly .

AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research
Top 20 Mass Communication Colleges and Institutes in India

The chairman of Jamia Milia Islamia along with Anwar Jamal kidwai established AJ  Mass Communication Research center in 1982

Aj kidwai websites have a lot of information given regarding their courses. the best thing which we found out is that Aj kidwai university is working hand in hand with a various foreign organizations such as york university, Toronto university, and Canada to work on their projects. these international organizations provide modern production equipment to this university. this university can be go through the place as there is a lot of scopes to learn practical knowledge.

the courses offered are 

1- BMJ 
3-MA Convergent course (a custom course which was designed in which journalism and new media both are taught )
4- MA in Animation 

Delhi College of Photography
Delhi College Of Photography +91-999-968-9408 - Photography Course ...
if you are looking for private institutions who’s students are excelling in the field of photography this is the  right place . Delhi College of Photography has various alumni members working in the field of media and production . This university is a unit of Dhawan Production Private limit and the facilities offered are extremely well. the skills of photography are well taught according to the demands of today’s world . This college is among the best private colleges in India . courses such as wildlife photography , candid photography fashion photography are the courses offered and you can even have a diploma course consisting of around 6-12 months . 
Asian Academy of Film and Network
Bloomberg News and Asian College of Journalism Launch India's ...

Asian academy is a top-notch institute as it has an affiliation with international franchises i.e International film & television research Center. This institute offers a variety of courses in still photography as well as short term diploma courses. there are tons of courses available apart from still photography as well such as BA in fine arts, acting courses, Ba in video editing, camera lighting, sound engineering and other media-related courses. 
Although the fees is usually high as it delivers a top-class education system but yet securing placements might be easy in Asian Academy of Film and Arts. you’ll have to go through an entrance exam along with some merit criteria in the 12th . If your budget is not a problem then this college will be the perfect match for your passion.

Osmania University 
Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana – OU Hyderabad - Justdial

This is the seventh oldest university of India founded in 1918 by Nawab Osman Ali khan . the university is situated in Hyderabad. there is an entrance exam conducted each year where thousands of candidate sit to get admission in this princely college . Osmania University offers tons of courses in various fields such as Ba ,Ma, Phd as well as BFA inn photography . BFA in photography is of three years and is of great reputation . the university has about thousand college under its affiliation and regarding fees it is really cheap . if you want to get enrolled in this university then start preparing for the entrance exam.

understand and decide which field in photography you might be willing to take admission in . there are various subcategories in this like you might want to be a filmmaker, an editor, cinematographer and so on.
because if you decide which side of the photography aspect you want to go , it might get you admission to the right institute and course. So make your decision very clear regarding this , if confused then get directly into photography course and later during post graduation you can  decide which side to go in. 
you’ll find 100ds of colleges teaching photography courses but what i would suggest you is rather than searching for photography college straight after 12th might not be the best plan for a few guys. the truth is that no college will feed you anything that’ll make you a super professional photographer. rather than this, you should do graduation in mass communication if you really are planning a long term goal . taking admission in mass communication courses will open up various field for you . this course isn’t just about photography obviously but yet you’ll have photography as a subject . try exploring yourself during that time and learn many things . make yourself a portfolio and do an internship somewhere you could learn more . after this three years of graduation i am sure that you will be ready what to do as post-graduation . 

And yes a pro tip dont let advertisements fool you in any way. they are there only to make money. investigate about the university thoroughly on their website or some passouts about the course and placements and then get enrolled .

if there are still any questions left you can comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer.
If you want to be a photographer we have the perfect amount of knowledge for you to be a pro. Camera reviews to Instagram SEO we have it all here.
How to be a photographer cheat sheet

If you want to become a photographer 

Well, you’ve landed on the right page to quench your queries. Photography is a passion to a lot of people these days, though carrying this professionally, You just need to know a few things about yourself and then you are ready to go. Let’s discuss the main points you will need to become a successful photographer, and these points might clear your doubts too. 

I kept it on the top as it is the main element to become a photographer. Whether it be career-related patience or while clicking a beautiful bird you need this element in you all the time. As photography takes a lot of time to become a professional.

Let’s first make it very clear if you just want to roam the world and have a gala time around the globe , photography will take the sweat out of you to reach at that position. Make goals in which niche of photography do you want to go in . It might be travel photography, architectural photography, fashion photography etc. So make your goals clear and stop daydreaming. 
 Right education

Getting some degrees in Photography or “mass communication” courses you might learn a lot of things as well as it’ll make your path clean. These days everyone wants a professional photographer to do their shoots and if you are seeking professionalism then be ready to enter in such courses. 
It’s never the gadget 

Usually photographers or I might say amature photographers invest loads of money in gadgets which they can’t even operate properly . See here comes the first point we discussed into play. Be patient and first learn about the basics . Today YouTube is the place where you can grab tons of photography tips and information . First get your base roots clear, don’t rush into things. Even today’s smartphone would do wonders if you know the basic photography details. 
Know the art of business

In having a career in Photography you must have a business mind. Having your own studio and photography business might help you in the long run. So even if you have great photo skills you might not be able to sell your pictures until you are one business head.
Creativity is the key 

If you are not creative then you should become some. Photography is all about creativity, seeing aspects of the world from a different perspective, and getting as creative as you might shorten your journey on how to be a professional photographer.

While you gain your intellect education try getting enrolled in some fashion magazine or organization which provide internships in Photography such as photography internships held at national geographic and discovery channel. This might help you in many ways. Learning is a never-ending process and in the field of Photography, every photographer will teach you something great. Internships in Photography even help in a professional photography career.
 Always be positive 

In creating a career in Photography usually people give their hopes up. This usually happens when they don’t get appreciated or get some pennies out of their skill and they just jump off their hopes. Let me tell you one thing “PERSISTENCE” is the key to become a professional photographer. There are bad times in every profession but never give your hopes up. Be positive and keep striving and learn to live your Photography journey. 
There’s nothing easy in the world but if you know where your skills fit in you might be doing the best decision of your life. If you have these qualities and are ready to strive to go along this beautiful journey of being a photographer. 

Do tell about your thoughts and if you stand up to these points to become a great photographer.

If you want to be a photographer we have the perfect amount of knowledge for you to be a pro. Camera reviews to Instagram SEO we have it all here.